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Consulting Agreement

Have you ever faced or experienced any of the following or a similar issue?

You are aware that things need to change. However,

Internally training or hiring an employee expert in human resources and labor capable of handling everything requires a lot of time and cost.

Leveraging our practical experience, we can provide empathetic support for issues experienced by Human Resources managers and personnel.

Consulting Agreement 1   On-site consulting (with e-mail and telephone consulting as needed)

Our consultants visit our clients for a certain number of hours per month.

In addition to the on-site consulting, clients can contact us as needed for day-to-day consultations.

We do not simply push our ideas to the clients but create, provide and propose deliverables by getting their understanding and acceptance of what is best for their company.

Consulting Agreement 2   Remote consultation

Individual labor consultation by telephone, e-mail, fax, etc.

You can upskill your personnel by having them work together with our consultants.


Please see”Services” for more information.