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We do not simply provide packaged services of various systems and the like, but we also provide custom-made deliverables to meet the needs of our clients, such as establishment of a necessary structure, revision and/or elimination of rules and system verification together with the persons in charge at your company. Furthermore, we consider that our duty should cover the operation and review that follow the introduction of a system or structure.

Labor audit and internal audit

In a labor audit, we analyze risks from four viewpoints using our proprietary method:

1. Financial risk  2. Brand risk  3. Government risk  4. Labor-management trouble risk

We carry out a comprehensive check on rules such as the employment regulations, working hour management procedure, statutory forms, wage system, structure for safety and health management, etc. to show intrinsic issues and risks as amounts of money and sort out the points to improve.

Prioritizing the points to improve and issues and handling them accordingly enable you to distribute management resources in an efficient and effective manner and control losses caused by ad hoc response.

By carrying out internal audits periodically thereafter, you can also confirm the effects of the responses taken and degree of penetration of the operating rules and eliminate sources of troubles at an early stage.

From survey to summary, audits may be carried out in as short as one week.

Labor consultation

We provide advice by phone, e-mail, periodic visits, etc. on a wide range of consultations, from legal issues associated with changes in the laws and regulations or systems to how to best handle complaints and the like from employees.


We support you from introduction to establishment of systems matching your needs.

Personnel evaluation system and wage system

We establish and revise a personnel evaluation system in accordance with the business strategy and the climate and culture at your company.

Part-timer employment

Planning and development of programs to make part-timers become part of the workforce

(Planning and development of personnel evaluation and treatment systems to improve ethics and motivation)

Support related to the employment of foreign workers
Structure for safety and health management

Developing a mental disorder or becoming sick is not only upsetting to the employee himself, but also a great loss for your company. Furthermore, you need to establish an appropriate structure for safety and health management to avoid the risk of lawsuit, etc. due to violation of the duty of care.

Establishment of attendance management systems

(We provide support for the establishment of an attendance management system to manage working hours appropriately.)

Undertaking of external assistance desk services

Your company reputation suffers if issues such as harassment leak to the public. We provide support for the establishment of a labor consultation desk (compliance hotline, etc.) as a system to prevent issues from expanding.
(We can also undertake an external assistance desk service.)

Support regarding labor and social insurance matters in association with stock listing or corporate divestiture and merger

Sorting out and revision of flaws in the rules of employment, etc.

Employee education

We can prepare education programs including information on latest changes in the laws and regulations, government policy, disputes, etc. based on the needs, climate and culture at your company, which are immediately usable in actual work.

By acquiring information and handling skills necessary for different positions such as site managers, department managers and Human Resources personnel, the employees can take appropriate response measures for troubles, resolving problems promptly and without much cost.

Education for Human Resources personnel

The program consists of “Basic Part” where participants acquire legal knowledge and “Advanced Part” where participants acquire handling skills through case studies.

Labor education to department managers

Experience through role-playing (mock decision making as employees/managers)

Labor education to site managers

Experience through role-playing (mock decision making as employees/managers)

Health officer certification exam course (one-day course, 90% pass rate)

Course to acquire the health officer certificate, which are required in workplaces with 50 or more employees

We can prepare other programs and courses according to your requests.


Employee assistance desk
Fact-finding surveys
Education for Human Resources personnel


Support for the establishment of health insurance union
Referral to partner attorneys specializing in labor issues
Referral to mental health EAP organizations