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Main Achievements

Labor audit and internal audit

Implementation of comprehensive employment survey

Personnel system and employment management

Introduction of salary system <Food service National chain No. of employees: 5,000 No. of stores: 400>
Introduction of store manager evaluation system <Japanese-style bar National chain No. of employees: 1,000 No. of stores: 60>
Wage system change (from daily wage to hourly wage system)
Upgrade of rules such as the employment regulations to reality-based ones
Cost reduction by revising the way to grant paid vacations

Working hours

60% overtime reduction as a result of the introduction and operation of work-based working hour system
Risk avoidance by revising the structure for working hour management
Upgrade from uniform break-time management to reality-based management method
Working hour management optimization by changing the work shift


Revision of requirements for supervisors/managers

Retirement and resignation

Upgrade of the structure for management to prevent troubles at retirement or resignation (contract, procedure, etc.)
Provision of consulting regarding mediation related to termination of employment

Social insurance

Revision of requirements to buy social insurance and fixed-term labor contracts
Advice on how to respond to the inspection for social insurance applicability


Part-timer management seminar <Food service National chain>
Seminar on working hours and labor contracts<Retail National chain>
Upskilling training to Human Resources personnel
Provision of information associated with changes in the laws and regulations and training for personnel in charge of the actual work
Health officer certification exam course
New manager training course

Development and establishment of structures for safety and health management

Development of operational procedures to increase medical examination rate
Establishment of a structure to prevent worker health problems due to long working hours and harassment
Support for establishment of a structure for safety and health management suitable to each company
Support for establishment of a structure for interviews with long-hours workers by industrial physisians

The above are just examples. We also provide various consulting services, including working hour management, labor seminars with case studies for Human Resources personnel and foremen, etc. to improve their handling skills, legal check from the viewpoint of labor when planning a new system, plaintiff interviews in the event of a harassment incident, and so on.

Please see“Services”for more information.