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Professionals of HR and Labor

Human Resources departments are facing many issues; for instance, labor management is becoming increasingly complex as a result of declining active population due to decreasing birthrate and aging population and diversification of employment patterns, and the number of labor-management disputes are increasing due to mental health issues, harassment, etc.

We believe our mission is to contribute to the creation of an environment not only compliant with the Labor Standards Act and other regulations but also where employees can prove themselves and personnel strategy can be achieved.

Are working hours and labor management method appropriate at your company?

In a labor audit, we investigate and analyze the actual state to propose appropriate methods in accordance with your business category and reality.

Are you worried about your management method due to increasing number of worker troubles?

Troubles bring about unexpected workload. We can assist you based on our rich experience.

Our clients are companies ranging from just a few to tens of thousands of employees.

As a group of experts in labor, we take care to make proposals beneficial to you and respond promptly and appropriately to your inquiries and requests.

A minor trouble developing into a major problem is not uncommon.

If a department itself gets caught up in handling problems, it cannot spend as much time as needed to fulfill its original function, which is a drawback to your company.

We will be happy to assist you as your external Human Resources department so that your Human Resources personnel can concentrate on building a positive labor-management relationship and making the best use of your human resources.

Please feel free to contact us.